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If you would like a custom oil painting please fill out the form. 

Canvas Sizes

5 by 7 inches ---------$90

8 by10 inches -------- $180

11 by 14 inches------  $300

16 by 20 inches ------ $400

18 by 24 inches -------$525

24 by 36 inches------- $800

Prices include shipping and a print of the piece.

Please know that commissions will be painted in my style. 

Depending on how big and detailed the painting I will give you an estimated range of completion. Estimated time at least 5 weeks. Please know this may change. If it does I will let you know asap. Please note that an extra week will be added before shipping to ensure the painting is fully dry.

Payment Process

I will send you an invoice through Paypal that you can pay with either your account or credit card. I request 55% of the price before starting. The remainder must be paid before I ship it to you. I will provide you with a rough-painted sketch before starting. I will send this to your email so please make sure to check your email for updates. At this stage please let me know if you want something changed. Please be specific about any other things you want to be included. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Painting Surfaces

Paintings will be done on canvas and be 0.5 inches in depth and unframed. They will come with a wire on the back so they are ready to hang. If you want a size not listed please get in touch with me

Commission Request
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